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Message from the Dean of Studies

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In this period of intense competition, intense scientific and technological activity, and globalization, it has become mandatory that Institutions of Higher Education establish centers for delivery of cur-ricula and for undertaking advanced research. ETTI, taking cognizance of this imperative has set up facilities for teaching and instruction delivery, which can deliver trained manpower who could con-tribute to the economic development of the country. ETTI has in its strategic plan
milestones, that in the year 2017, ETTI will have risen to such levels of excellence which could be easily measured on the touchstone of international standards. It is my desire that high quality faculty of the Institute should contribute extensively to advance-ment of research and development. The management of this Institution is keen and prepared to make substantial expenditure on training needs, and research of our staff members, in order to strengthen its faculty. The Institute is engaging
several national and international institutions for collaborations for im-provement of quality of our programmes and research. I am glad that our teachers are using both semiotic and interactive methods for transmission of knowledge. It is my hope that our faculty will consistently improve the teaching learning process for the benefit of students. I am sure that our faculty will work hard to emulate the mission and objectives of this Institute. ETTI family tree is an impressive one, involving a
series of successful mergers with strong partners, each of whom has contrib-uted significantly to ETTI's culture and values and to its approach to education, ideas and community. Eldoret Technical is now in its sixth anniversary. Much has changed in Kenya and in the higher education sector. We now live in a global, connected world with a digital economy influencing every aspect of our lives. Competition and accelerating expecta-tions mean that students rightly expect a premium learning
experience that will prepare them for life and careers in a rapidly changing world. Our governments, our partners and our citizens expect excellence and a clear return on their investment in us. We understand that our role now is to ensure that ETTI graduates are able to thrive in any environment, with the skills and values to enable life long success. Therefore we are preparing to seize the opportunities of the future, and move to the next level of excellence and relevance. The Institute's
Campuses Town Campus The Institutes town Campus is at Petreshar/Berur Business Building, along Moi street opposite the Eldoret Post Office. It consists of a humble facility which houses the Institute College of Engineering and Technology, with the following departments; Engineering, technology and computer science, Journalism and Media Studies, Disaster Management & Emergency Planning and Fire Protection & Safety Technology. The facility features a comprehen-sive library, a spacious and
fully equipped Workshops and Studios and IT infrastructure. Mid Town Campus The Institutes Mid town Campus is at Orange/Telecom House, along Oginga Odinga Street. It Houses the Institute Business & Social Science School. The objective of imparting quality and state of the art technical and professional education has not only been maintained by the professionals serving at the College, but measures for continuous improvements are consistently taken. The ETTI campuses have spread in its
educational fields and now have its Business school with the departments of Accounting & Finance, Business, Tourism, Social Work and Community Development, Teacher Education, Planning for launching additional fields remains an ongoing process. We endeavor to provide all possible facilities to students and staff for research and development in various fields of study. Lodwar campus One of ETTI's fast growing satellite campus, it houses Social Sciences and Business courses. It's
located Next to Lodwar District/Referral Hospital. Bomet Campus The newest ETT''s satellite campus is Situated in Bomet town above Cooperative Bank.

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